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1st Team - Match centre

Oadby Wyggestonians
B Taylor, S Gall, P Lambert, L Gardiner
P Vickers
Sat 20 Dec 14:15 - Midlands Division - Midlands 2 East (South) Full time


This week’s pre-Xmas game saw Boro entertain Oadby.

This week’s game was preceded by the annual Boro players Xmas party in which yours truly was deemed to be using these match reports as some form of treason. My punishment once the drink had been seen away was to include a list of words decided upon by the players in the match report . As you would expect from such a bunch of well-educated players some smart alecs went for words such as pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconisosis and the usual antidisestablishmentarianism whilst others went for much ruder words and could be seen sniggering like little schoolboys in the corner. However, as I am a professional I will not partake in this and will expect further punishment at a later date!

This week’s pre-Xmas game saw Boro entertain Oadby, Oadby had recently started to show some good form much like ourselves and the game promised to be a spicy one with both teams looking to maintain this form going into the Xmas break.

1st Half
From the kick off Boro conceded an early try as Oadby took possession of the ball and forcefully penetrated their way through a weak Boro defence to take the lead (Boro 0v7 Oadby). From the next kick off Boro were rewarded with some positive play at a scrum and started to string together some phases but with the backline stuttering a terrible pass was thrown which an Oadby player gobbled up and sprinted 80 yards to dot down the ball to further extend the Oadby lead over Boro with barely 10 mins on the clock (Boro 0v14 Oadby). Boro, to use a boxing analogy were floored, and needed some form of response a bit like Amir Kahn shows in his bouts. So under the posts and after some self-reflection and home truths Boro decided that it was now time to start playing some rugby.

Keeping the ball in the hand and denying Oadby any foothold seemed to be working for Boro, a good lineout drive was rewarded with some quick wide ball for the backs, Tom Bryan took the opportunity to break through the defence. The ball made its way into Steven Gall’s hands and he powered over for the try to bring Boro back into the game (Boro 5v14 Oadby). I think its Isis that’s revered as the Egyptian goddess of rebirth and magic and this comeback seemed to be showing some form of Boro rebirth and magic and the positivity from the try only seemed to reinforce that the fightback was about to start.

Boro battling against the conditions seemed able to exert further pressure on Oadby as they went searching for a further score, however the wrong option seemed to be taken at the vital moment allowing Oadby to clear. An early change saw Pete Vickers withdrawn from action, sorry Keir Davidson, it’s difficult to tell with these follicly challenged players (I think the term is alopecia), and Mark Bartlem was pressed into action. This didn’t seem to change the flow of the game as Boro carried on the momentum, some good ball carrying and ball retention from the forwards saw a gap open for Paul Lambert and like some form of Mortal Kombat warrior he strode through the Oadby defence swatting aside a couple to score a well-deserved try (Boro 10v14 Oadby).

A break from Pete Vickers from just outside the Boro 22 saw the ball carried on by Nathan Gardiner, sorry Luke, into the Oadby 22 but strong defence saw the play break down and Oadby awarded the scrum. With Boro keeping the ball hostage it wasn’t long before another foray into the Oadby 22 occurred but this time poor handling resulted in no further progress and with that the half time whistle went.

Half Time Score
Wellingborough 10 v 14 Oadby Wyggestonians

2nd Half
The problem with comebacks is that half the time they seem to run out of steam, for every Take That there’s an Evan Dando and the Lemonheads so the key at half time was to maintain the progress made in the latter half of the 1st stanza. Boro kicked off but a series of sloppy penalties saw any momentum briefly halted. Some good punchy defence around the fringes from the likes of ex-OGs Craig Marshall prevented Boro from getting into the Boro half. An Oadby mistake was taken advantage of and after a couple of quick rucks the ball was spun wide to Luke Gardiner who shot off like a scalded jill (female ferret) down the wing to score the try. Pete Vickers stepped up, cool as a cucumber to slot over the conversion to give Boro a well-deserved lead (Boro 17v14 Oadby).

Part of the inbred culture of this current team is to fight against adversity and this was certainly displayed as straight from the kick off the team had to defend against a strong Oadby attack. It wasn’t until a turnover occurred that Boro could relieve their lines with Ben Taylor kicking the ball deep into the Oadby 22. The Oadby lineout was targeted by the Boro 8 man pack and were rewarded with a turnover, Andy Fordham injected some pace into the attack but a deliberate knock on by an Oadby player, who was subsequently sent to the bin, saw Boro take the opportunity to go for a scrum. This was instantly rewarded as student Ben Taylor gathered the ball from Chris Shipman to score a try in the corner (Boro 22v14 Oadby). Now is probably a good time to thank Ben as he travels from Uni to spend his time playing for Boro rather than being one of those students that goes to Australia on a break to hang around youth hostels in Cairns, Brisbane and Sydney.

Even though Boro now had extended the lead, the game atmosphere was still quite tense with most of the coaching team now resorting to whispering and eye contact as a result of losing their voices from communicating with the players on the pitch. Some sloppy play and poor handling from Boro saw a penalty conceded and Oadby now sensed a way back into the game. However, a combination of good defence a break by Luke Gardiner saw Boro back in the Oadby half and it was only a slight mistake which saw the opportunity for Luke to extend the lead further.

With the last play of the game Boro seemed to extend the season of good will to Oadby by refusing to clear the ball into touch and allowed Oadby one last chance but the defence held tight and Boro came away with the win and the bonus point.

Final Score
Wellingborough 22v14 Oadby Wyggestonians

Steven Gall 1 try
Paul Lambert 1 try
Luke Gardiner 1 try
Ben Taylor 1 try
Pete Vickers 1 conversion

It’s fair to say and after some self-reflection that we certainly keep all watching supporters on their toes. After a poor start it took a mammoth effort for the guys to get back into the game and I’m sure after the kilogrammes of Xmas dinner are eaten the team will reflect on what a great comeback this was.

2014 has certainly seen an upturn in fortunes with the 1st team, a strong end of season saw them just miss out on promotion and this season now sees Boro go into the new year with a quarter final in January and sitting in 2nd spot with the opportunity to chase down Old Scouts.

Finally, all the players and backroom team would like to wish you all a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year and here’s to an even better 2015.

Written by Matt Armstrong

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Key moments

Try Ben Taylor scores for Wellingborough
Try Steven Gall scores for Wellingborough
Try Paul Lambert scores for Wellingborough
Try Luke Gardiner scores for Wellingborough
Conversion Pete Vickers kicks a conversion for Wellingborough
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  • Oadby Wyggestonians
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  • Ben Taylor Try 0:00'
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  • Luke Gardiner Try 0:00'
  • Pete Vickers Conversion 0:00'

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League round up

League table

# Team Pl Pts
1. Northampton Old Scouts 22 78
2. Wellingborough 22 74
3. Biggleswade 22 71
4. Lutterworth 22 61
5. Oadby Wyggestonians 22 58
6. Olney 22 56
7. Oakham 22 52

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