Wellingborough Rugby Club.

Hey ! You know them lottery numbers you have been using for the past 2 or 3 years and never won a thing ! 2 numbers last week and then 2 numbers this week, but never all 6, but you dare not stop. Doing them in case they come up! Well now they can if you use them in the new W.R.F.C 6 UP CLUB. It has a minimum payout of £100 but could very easily be £500 per game. All you have to do is Cross off all of your 6 numbers before anyone else.

1/ The club is open to members and non members alike.
2/ Each entry will consist of 6 numbers between 1 and 49.
3/ Each entry will cost £1a week, payable before each Saturday draw.
4/ Numbers will only be used from the National Lottery Saturday draw ( not the midweek ).
5/ Only the first 6 numbers drawn count ( not the bonus ball ).
6/ The first entry to cross off all 6 of their numbers will be deemed the winner.
7/ If 2 or more entries successfully complete a winning line on the Same number, the pot will be divided equally amongst them.
8/ All numbers will be used in the order in which they are drawn E.g.: If 2 or more members are waiting for different numbers, the first Number drawn will determine the winner.
9/ After someone claims a winning line. All other numbers for that week become VOID. A fresh game starts the following Saturday.
10/ There is no limit to the amount of lines you can have.

To fill out an application form to enter the '6 Up Club' please click the file icon below, open, print and fill out the sheet.