6 up Club information

If you think the odds are too great to win the lottery then why not join a game that gives you a much better chance of winning.  You can use the lottery numbers in the W.R.F.C 6 UP CLUB on an accumulated basis.  It has a minimum payout of £100 but could very easily be £500 per game. All you have to do is choose 6 numbers and then watch as your 6 numbers come up before anyone else’s.  It rarely takes more than a few weeks before paying out and you would really be helping the Club into the bargain!

How to enter:

Please use the separate form provided, indicate which method of payment you wish to use and return the form to the Club.

There are two methods of payment:

a) Pay by Standing order (the Club’s preferred option) and pay 12 monthly payments of £4 and get 4 FREE WEEKS per year.

b) Pay £1 a week (or £4 per month) to a collector.

Note: We would much prefer you to pay by standing order, as it is easier for you and less of a burden for the Club to administer.


6 up Club Rules
6 Up Club Entry Form
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