Match Report - Sun 17th Dec 2006 v Coalville Print E-mail

Wellingborough 0  v  Coalville 28

Coalville, who train twice a week, with a coach whose email address begins ‘bullyheadcoach’ won the toss and the game.  A strong team with a grudge from the last season – being denied the opportunity to go up a league as Wellingborough and Loughborough Students topped the table, were out for revenge, and it all began when first agreed to rearrange the fixture as Boro were lacking in numbers and then reneging on the Managers’ word, ending up with the Competition Director becoming involved to sort it out.

The new girls knew they were up for a fight, quite literally in the end, with Teresa Bowden-Jones being surrounded by Coalville players in mid-play and a fracas ensuing with Debbie Dexter and others rushing to aid her, in the second half.  This resulted in Coalville running away to score a try, which the ref allowed instead of going back to the incident, as ‘both teams started it’.  This was the only try that Coalville scored in the second half, as Boro stepped up their game and defence.  Time was called after Coalville didn’t manage to convert the try.

Tensions were high throughout the game, Coalville employing raking techniques, which became more like liberal stamping whenever they saw a Boro player on the ground.  They were finally warned by the Ref, but this did nothing to dissuade them from continuing.

Boro sorely missed Emma Eley and Nat Swan, both unfit to play, but the new girls did well, led by the experienced ones. 

Coalville, having refused a double-header, shall see us in March.
Elaine Addy (Captain)

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