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Captains Code of Conduct
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Match Day Protocol 

  1. Capatains will arrive at the club prior to the agreed arrival time for players. Captains will arrange match balls, shirts and first aid kits for home games and will be responsible for the transportation and return of the above items from away fixtures.
  2. Captains will be responsible for collecting match fees from each player. Fees are £5.00 for a senior player and £2.50 for students/unemployed players. Captains are responsible for the collection of match fees from each player and the clearance of any debts during the season.
  3. At their discretion, Captains may excuse match fees for players who provide transport to away fixtures however, this should not apply to local fixtures such as sides within Northampton, Rushden etc.
  4. Captains may purchase from the match fees one jug following a fixture which may either be presented to the opposition or be provided to the team concerned. Captains are not to expend significant amounts of match fees on post match refreshment for players or supporters.
  5. Captains are responsible to ensure that they are correctly attired at all times in accordance with the Players Code of Conduct/Bahaviour.
  6. Captains are responsible for the collection and safe-keeping of all fines taken as a result of breaches of the Code of Conduct/Behaviour and will expend such at an event to be agreed at the ed of the season.
  7. Captains are rsponsible to ensure that the changing room cleaning rota is maintained by their teams when playing at home.
  8. Captains should encourage all players to remain at the club for as long as possible following a fixture.
  9. Captains should behave on and off the pitch in a manner befitting of their position within the Club at all times.
  10. Captains should undertake to participate in as many club events as possible throughout the season and encourage participation from their players.

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