Wellingborough Rugby Club.
Club History

In one form or another Wellingborough Rugby Football has been around for well over 100 years. According to the 1879 football year book there was a rugby team formed in Wellingborough that year. The team played in black and white and played at Midland Road, Wellingborough. However, the club seems to have been properly formed in 1899 when they began playing local teams on their pitch at Union Lane.
Below is a photograph of Wellingborough's 1899-1900 team

After the First World War the club lay dormant for a number of years. It was reformed on December the 7th 1922 after a meeting in the Hind Hotel. The club must have become quite successful as the committee minutes recorded that a proposed admission to the ground (of 4d.) was carried.
Below is a picture of the club's first team of 1923-24.

The club was again reformed after the Second World War. However, its future was in doubt for a long time. During August 1948 it was decided that the club should continue despite the lack of any rugby games at all. Thankfully the club did manage to get back on its feet and grew steadily during the fifties and sixties. Despite playing in a number of different locations around Wellingborough, the club finally managed to settle at its present home on Cut Throat Lane. The club continues to expand.