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Coach Recruitment
Wellingborough RFC are always looking to recruit new coaches.

If you are a qualified coach, we can offer placement within the existing coaching setup and a progression through the RFU and SAQ training programmes

For those that wish to become coaches we have a comprehensive comitment to training. As a club we actively promote training for all coaches to as high a level as possible.

A side from RFU Coaching, we also promote coaching in other areas, including Strength & Conditioning and SAQ.

The club provides equipment to help with all aspects of training, the seniors enjoy a fully loaded gym, the mini's and juniors are able to take part in organised Strength & Conditioning sessions including SAQ. The club has provided equipment which includes;

Rep Set Bars
Bosu Balls
Cyclone Balls
Medicine Balls
Dumb Bells
Thai Pads
Tractor Tyres
Plyometric Benches
Boxing Bags
Strength Tubes
Kettle Bells