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Members of the Wellingborough ladies rugby team will be put through their paces by Northamptonshire County Council’s fire and rescue service this weekend (Saturday 5th December).

Fifteen members of the team will be participating in a smokehouse training exercise that is normally used by firefighter recruits.  The smokehouse is used to help recruits practice wearing breathing apparatus whilst navigating an array of rooms, tunnels, shafts and other obstacles in darkness.

The event has been organized to help demonstrate that although firefighting has traditionally been seen as a job more suited to men, women are just as able to undertake this rewarding and often challenging role.

Councillor Andre Gonzalez de Savage, cabinet member for customer and community services said: “We have organised this event to help demonstrate that there is no typical fire fighter, and that women more than able to meet the challenges thrown at them within the fire service. 

“The smokehouse training exercise gives fire service recruits the chance to experience what it feels like to be in a dark, unfamiliar building that is full of smoke.  This helps prepare them for the real thing, so that they are better able to make the right decisions when the pressure is on and I’m certain the women from Wellingborough Ladies RFC will rise to the challenge.” 




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