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Players Code of Conduct
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The following provides a guideline for players.

  1. Senior training is to be held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, commencing at 7:00pm. All players from the First and Second XV’s are required to attend at least one session per week. First XV Squad players are required to attend both sessions per week.
  2. If a player cannot attend training or is likely to be late, they should undertake to inform their relevant Captain or the Club Coach.
  1. Selection will be held at 9:00pm on Tuesday evenings. The Selection Committee comprises of all team Captains and the Club Coach. It is your responsibility to ensure that either your team Captain or the Club Coach are aware of your availability.
  2. Selection will be based upon availability, ability and attendance at training – with respective precedence given to each criteria.
  3. If a player is “dropped”, he will be informed by the team Captain from which he has been dropped and informed of the reason why. All other players will be informed of their selection by their team Captain on Wednesday evening/Thursday morning and if selected for the First XV, will be expected to attend training on Thursday evening.

The club physio will be available for use by all club members on a Tuesday evening however, precedence will be given to club members in the following order:

    • First XVSquad,
      Colts XV
      Second XV
      Third XV
      Fourth XV
      Non Playing Members

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